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M3M ifc sector 66

M3M IFC Sector 66 Gurgaon - Luxury at your Doorstep

The M3M Financial Centre Gurgaon (MFC) is M3M India Limited's most recent business venture. We can fulfill all of our business needs at M3M MFC. Everything is offered here with the benefit of an assured return plan, including restaurants, retail stores, and office space. A builder is offering triple-height retail shops on the ground floor for the first time in Gurgaon.

Again, the first floor is reserved for retail establishments, but the second floor is only for dining establishments. The best commercial proeprty in Gurgaon at the moment is M3M Financial Centre M3M MFC. High end retail stores, multi-story office buildings, restaurants, and M3M MFC Gurgaon are all located right on the main golf course extension road.

In Gurugram, Haryana, M3M MFC, M3M Financial Center is situated directly on the golf course extension road. Its location on a two-sided open plot ensures that its showrooms, retail stores, restaurants, and office spaces are as visible as possible. The intersection of the 84-meter-wide golf course extension road and the 60-meter-wide sector road is where M3M MFC Gurgaon is located.

Additionally, Metro Rail has been suggested for this location, which will guarantee easy connectivity. It will improve connectivity between its neighborhood and Delhi/NCR. By way of Sohna Road, the Delhi-Jaipur highway (also known as NH 8), southern peripheral roads, golf course roads, and golf course extension roads, M3M MFC Gurgaon will also have direct access to the main area of Delhi/NCR.

M3M India Limited is building the M3M Financial Centre in Gurgaon. M3M is a rapidly expanding business with a strong track record of excellence, on-time delivery, and high-quality construction.

Numerous successful commercial and residential projects, including M3M Woodshire, M3M Golfestate, M3M Merlin, M3M Urbana, M3M Cosmopolitan, and M3M Panorama, have already been completed by the company. The M3M group is committed to establishing new standards in terms of working relationships with partners, employee engagement, and client satisfaction.

M3M IFC Floor Plan

Floor plans give you a clear picture of the house's appearance by clearly illustrating the room sizes and structural layout. In M3M IFC, there are 2 configurations in 2 different types of layouts for the various properties. The distinctively designed commercial shop is available in several floor plans with a super area of 1000 square feet. The distinctively designed commercial office space is available in a range of floor plans with a super area of 1800 square feet. The configurations include balconies with simple ventilation and bathrooms with modern fixtures. On MagicBricks, you can view the different types of floor plans for the various units in M3M IFC.


● Around 18 hectares (4.6 acres) of prime land

● A 93,000 square meter (million square foot) project, of which 1,39,35 meters (15 lac square feet) are devoted to premium retail.

● Three tiers of security

● Three-story entryway

● Modern automation

● Parking and services spread across several basements

● Video surveillance is available.

● The installation of a split air conditioner, a DX system, or an equivalent

● Wi-Fi on campus and connected elevators

● Construction with a touch of the future

M3M IFC Address

Would you like to see how the M3M IFC project looks and feels? Send a message to Sector 66 in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, 122018.

M3M India Projects Locations

Project Advantage

● Terrace Garden

● Swimming pool with an infinite ledge

● adequate multi-level parking that complies with the law

● a lot of glazing for storefronts in retail units

● Designed as a pedestrian plaza with seating areas and food stands

● landscape elements and lush canopy trees

Location Advantage:

It is an excellent geographic advantage that the M3M Financial Center will have direct access to major locations like the Delhi-Jaipur Highway (also known as NH8), Golf Course Road, Sohna Road, Southern Peripheral Road, Delhi via Golf Course Road, and Faridabad.

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About M3M IFC

The M3M IFC, located in Sector 66, is designed to provide all residents with a contemporary way of life. The price range for the residential units at M3M IFC is between Rs. 1.60 Cr and Rs. 2.49 Cr. The project is an established one and is spread out over a sizable area of 5 Acre. There are 3200 people working on the project in all

Most buyers are sure to be captivated by this commercial complex's thoughtfully designed units. There are many different types of units available, each of which has been designed to offer complete satisfaction, including commercial office space and commercial shops. The commercial shop units, which range in size from 1000 square feet to 1000 square feet, and the commercial office space, which ranges in size from 1800 square feet to 1800 square feet, are both available. Because of its design, the project can be divided into three towers. It will become legally yours on December 1, 2022

The M3M IFC has received its certificate of commencement. M3M India Pvt. Ltd.'s M3M IFC is a luxurious yet reasonably priced residential development. You can take advantage of the best amenities and facilities at M3M IFC, including quake resistance, central location, premium brand fittings, banquet halls, cafeterias and food courts, conference rooms with air conditioning, parks, multipurpose courts, and elevators. This project's full address is Sector 66, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, which is a strategic location. Project's necessary pincode is 122018. A quality lifestyle is ensured at M3M IFC by contemporary amenities and a safe environment.

M3M Financial Centre Gurgaon (MFC) by M3M India Limited is the pinnacle of contemporary business and leisure integration. M3M MFC, located on the golf course extension road in Gurugram, Haryana, has a variety of facilities, such as triple-height retail outlets, unique eating areas, and high-end office spaces. The strategic position of the project at the intersection of the 84-meter-wide golf course extension road and the 60-meter-wide sector road assures visibility and simple access. M3M IFC has painstakingly developed floor plans for commercial stores and office spaces, giving a taste of the opulent lifestyle available in its residential units.


  1. Where can I get a PDF copy of the M3M IFC brochure?
    Ans. When you visit the Project page, you can download the M3M IFC brochure. A brochure contains all the information about a project, including its amenities, facilities, surrounding area, and more, enabling a user to make an informed decision.
  2. Which banks provide mortgages for purchasing homes in M3M IFC?
    Ans. To finance the purchase of a home in M3M IFC, choose between a home loan from Axis Bank, HDFC, or PNB.
  3. Where can I find the M3M IFC project's floor plan for download?
    Ans. A project's floor plan is crucial because it provides a general overview of the area and how the project will look. The M3M IFC floor plan is available for download here.
  4. What other housing developments are there close to M3M IFC?
    Ans. Well-known residential developments close to M3M IFC include Emaar MGF Marbella, Emaar The Palm Drive, IREO Uptown, AIPL Joy Street, and M3M IFC.